On Your Own: Girl Scout Maker Day, Apr 25

What is a Girl Scout Maker?

Girl Scout Makers like making things they’re excited about—whether it’s a craft, a piece of furniture, a robot, or a computer program. Makers like to tinker, take things apart, and try and put them back together again in new ways. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter!

Making is social. Makers like to engage with others, share their ideas, and learn by doing. Makers like to solve problems, and they like to make the world better. Sounds like Girl Scouts!

Making encourages creation and invention. It can be woven into any subject at any skill level and can help girls uncover their hidden STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math plus Art) talents—combining interests in math and art, science and theater, or engineering and design. Help girls make their ideas into reality by letting them explore, test prototypes, make mistakes, and try again! Girls will benefit and thrive from having opportunities to work together, share their ideas and skills, focus on a common goal or project, and make a sustainable change in their community.

Join us for the first Girl Scout Maker Day on April 25, 2015 from 1 to 4pm at National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA.

Registration is now open to exhibit at this year’s Maker Day. Please review the guidelines below before completing the application.

Maker Day Guidelines – Please review these guidelines if you would like to exhibit at Maker Day.

Maker Day Application – This application is for all Girls Scouts wishing to exhibit something they have made.

Maker Day Registration – This is for all girls and troops who would like to attend Maker Day, but NOT exhibit anything.

Help your girls become Girl Scout Makers. Each week we will feature a STEAM activity for girls to try. The idea is to expose girls to the many faces of STEAM so they can find their passion and interest. Click here to see this week’s activity and to access previous activities.

Follow us on Facebook.com/GSCNC to get updates on our Maker event.

For more information on how to get involved, contact: Sara Tyler: styler@gscnc.org

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch with the Council.

What: Girl Scout Maker Day
Who: All levels
When: April 25, 2015 from 1 – 4pm
Where: National Conference Center
18980 Upper Belmont Place, Leesburg, VA 20176
Cost: Free

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Junior Animal Homes Program, Mar 21

junior_animal-habitats_largeJuniors will learn about the habitats and homes of animals at Mount Rainier Nature Center on Saturday, 21 March at 10:45AM. In addition to completing the Animal Habitats badge, this program will also help the girls on their Get Moving Journey.

What: Animal Homes Program
Who: Juniors
When: Saturday, 21 March 2015, 10:45AM – Noon
Where: Mount Rainer Nature Center
4701 31st Place, Mount Rainier, MD 20712
Cost: $2
Forms: Junior Animal Habitat Workshop Parent Permission Form

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Last Call for Individual Cookie Orders

girlScoutCookieZoneIf you have already placed an order, but have not picked it up, I will be available Tuesday, March 3, 10am – 2pm and 4:30 – 8pm.

If you would like to place a new order email your order no later than 8pm on Sunday, March 8 with the subject line: “Your Daughter’s Name Cookie Order” to troop3480cookies [at] yahoo [dot] com. (This email works now. Yahoo thought I was a spammer, but they have unblocked it.)

PLEASE use this format for your order:

Savannah Smiles 11 boxes
Trefoils                 25 boxes
Do-Si-Dos           10 boxes
Samoas               15 boxes
Ra-Ra-Raisin       10 box
Tagalongs            10 boxes
Thin Mints            10 boxes

We have very few Toffee Tastics (gluten free) left. Remember, Toffee Tastics cost $5.

I will be out of town Friday, March 6, in the evening until Sunday, March 8. Because we have 4 booths this weekend, I cannot fill new orders until after we pick up more cookies from a Cookie Cupboard. It is very important you email your order by the above deadline, BEFORE we go to restock.

We cannot return or exchange any cookies.

Thank you,

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