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Urgent Notice: No Water at PGMA; Troop Meeting Still On

Due to a major water main break there will be no water at PGMA during the troop meeting. In addition, Lanham Severn Road is closed from Cipriano Road to Main Street.

We will still have a troop meeting this evening. Please make sure to use the restroom before coming and if you wish to stay for Maghrib prayer at 7:45PM, make arrangements to bring your own water for wudhu. Also, use the alternate entrance on 8th Street (off of Cipriano Road) for parking.


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Many Thanks for Your Support During Girl Scout Week at PGMA

trefoilMessageThankYouAsalaamu Alaikum,

I wanted to send a special thanks to all the Girl Scouts, leaders and support adults who came out last week to help with our troop community service effort during Ramadan. Whatever the contribution, it was well appreciated. No job was too big or too small. The masjid wanted us to volunteer another week but due to the lack of adult resources we could not commit. We pray that Allah (swt) accept your sadaqa (charity), sawm (fasting), salah (prayer) and duas (supplications) during this blessed month.

Ma salaama

Sis. Kesha

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