All girls participating in the Girl Scouts activities must register with Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital ( There is a $25 registration fee. Parents may register their girl(s) online or contact Troop Manager Sis. Alia for assistance at alia [dot] kemet [at] gmail [dot] com.

Click the links below to learn more about what Girl Scout do:

All volunteers must be complete a volunteer application. In addition to completing a volunteer application, Troop Leaders must register with the Girl Scouts of the USA and get additional training.

PGMA Girl Scouts meets every other Friday at Prince George’s Muslim Association (PGMA) in Lanham, MD. All meetings begin promptly at 6PM and end at 8PM. Only adults who are registered and trained volunteers are permitted to participate in meetings.

Snacks will be provided for every meeting. Parents will take turns supplying the snack. The Snack Mom will coordinate the snack calendar with the parents. Snacks are for girl scouts, registered & trained leaders and their children.

Girl Scouts can purchase a Girl Guide for their level online at or find a Girl Scout Shop near you.


10 thoughts on “Join

  1. […] are many items that your daughter’s troop is in need of. Also, get your girls in the proper uniform. We would like all girls to be looking sharp in compliance with the uniform policy on or before the […]

  2. […] Scouts must come to meetings in the proper uniform. To purchase a Girl Scout vest or tunic (for Daisy Scouts) visit or contact Troop […]

  3. Asia says:

    ASA..when does girl scouts begin for this year (2013)?

  4. Yusuf Abdul Jami says:

    Insha-Allah, please add me to the parent list. Jazakh-Allah!

  5. binta says:

    may you please add me to your parent list. InshaAhllah

  6. Andrea says:

    As salaam wa alaikum
    are you accepting new members?

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