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Early Bird Registration for Current Troop Members Begins May 3rd

Asalaamu Alaikum,

To Parents of Current Troop 3480 Girl Scouts: Now is the time to set your intentions for your daughter’s participation in Troop 3480 for the 2013-2014 Girl Scout year. Alhamdulullah, Troop 3480 has accomplished a lot in our first full year of Girl Scouts. InshaAllah, we will reach higher heights and greater achievements in the upcoming year.

Do you want your daughter to continue to learn and grow in a halal environment?

Are you willing to allow her to try new things and have new adventures?

Are you willing to bringing your daughter to troop meetings consistently?

Are you going to allow her to truly “make new friends”?

earlybirdpatch2010Register your daughter for the 2013-2014 Girl Scout year on May 3rd. Early registration will end on Friday, 31 May, our final troop meeting for 2012-2013 Girl Scout year. Registration fees have increased to $15. All troop members must be registered in order to participate. Spaces are limited, but girls currently in the troop are given priority for the upcoming fall.

Financial assistance is available through the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital. Please see Troop Manager Alia for more information.

We want to see you all back in the fall, but now is the time to be realistic and set your intentions. We are planning bigger and better things in the fall and we would love to assist you in helping your daughter to build her faith, courage, confidence and character, and in making the world a better place.

Ma salaama


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Reminder: Juniors at Maryland Day and Parent Interest Meeting both this Saturday, 27 April

troopReminderAsalaamu alaikum,

There is no troop meeting at PGMA today. Our next regularly scheduled troop meeting will be Friday, 3 May, 6 – 7:30PM, inshaAllah.

Troop 3480 Juniors will explore the University of Maryland’s world of fearless ideas at Maryland Day, on this Saturday, 27 April, 11AM – 2PM with Sis. Yasmeen. Drop-off (11AM) and Pick-up (2PM) is on the campus of the University of Maryland at the bus stop on the corner of Paint Branch Dr. and Regents Dr. Parents should bring permission forms when they drop off their girls. Contact Junior Troop Leader Sis. Yasmeen at riverdalecrew [at] gmail [dot] com for additional information. Read more here.

Also, this Saturday, is the mandatory New Girl Scout Parent Interest Meeting at PGMA, 2 – 4PM. We will discuss:

  • What Girl Scouts is all about?
  • How your daughter can join Troop 3480?
  • What your responsibilities are as a parent of a Girl Scout?
  • How one becomes a troop leader/advisor or adult volunteer?

This meeting is for parents whose girls are NOT currently members of Troop 3480. However, current Troop 3480 Girl Scouts and their parents are welcome to attend, but girls should be in full uniform. In addition, Any sister — whether a parent or otherwise — interested in becoming a troop leader should email Sis. Alia at alia [dot] kemet [at] gmail [dot] com for more information. Read more here.

Have a blessed Jummah.

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Troop 3480 Announcement

As Salaam Alaikum Troop 3480!

Due to the tornado watch in our area until 10PM, we have decided to cancel tonight’s girl scout meeting. We apologize for any inconvenience, but want to prioritize the safety of our girls.

InshaAllah, please check the blog for further updates concerning troop business.

Ma Salaama