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Reminder: Troop Meeting & Early Bird Registration Event This Friday, Jun 14


As salaamu alaikum,

The next regularly scheduled troop meeting will be Friday, June 14, 2019, 6 – 8PM, inshaAllah.

PLEASE NOTE: the final troop meeting for the 2018-2019 Girl Scout year is June 28.


Early Bird Membership Registration for the upcoming 2019 – 2020 Girl Scout year ends Saturday, June 30. National membership dues for both girls and adults is $25. Financial assistance can be applied for at the time of registration.

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Last Troop Meeting of 2014-2015 This Friday, June 5


Alhamdullilah, we’ve made it! This Friday, June 5, is the final troop meeting of 2014-2015.


  • Brownies will be completing the Fair Play badge, meeting PGMA Soccer Coach & Girl Scout Ambassador, Sis. Neya, and making rainbow fruit parfaits


  • Juniors will be completing the Take Action Project for their Get Moving Journey. Girls should bring in a written statement that includes what they learned on their Get Moving Journey and two ways to save energy.
  • Juniors should also bring in a homemade dessert in which they have made a healthier substitution. The girls will be having a dessert party while they complete their Take Action project.
  • Parents: If your Junior (who is not bridging) is interested in possibly meeting on a monthly basis during the summer, email Sis. Kori at GirlScoutTroopMama [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • Missed out on the First Aid badge? Only made one of the two meetings to earn it? Catch up and earn that badge at the next meeting. Any girl who would like to make up what they missed to earn their First Aid badge should:
    • Research what an emergency contact card is and its purpose. 
    • Find out what information is good to have on an emergency contact card and then create your own.
    • Bring your emergency contact card to the next meeting.

    Questions? Contact sis Khadijah at dedra80 [at] yahoo [dot] com


  • Troop 3480’s final trip of the 2014 – 2015 scouting year will be to The Capital Wheel to learn about the science and engineering behind the Wheel, THIS SATURDAY, June 6.


  • This Friday will be the last day that Sis. Kesha will be available to assist with Early Bird registration. Please Download Girl and Adult Registration forms and bring exact change or a check: $15 per girl or volunteer. Parents who have an account on the GSCNC Registration site have until June 30 to complete Early Bird registration. Adults who want to assist with trips, meetings or chaperoning in the fall must be registered volunteers and should register by the end of June, as well.
  • Girl Scout Cookies remaining from the Cookie Season will be sold at the troop meeting. Cash only: $4/box.
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Last Push for Early Bird Registration

Asalaamu Alaikum

The online registration process is changing in the fall. Save yourself the headache and confusion by registering your Girl Scout on June 5. Bring $15 in exact cash or a check to the final troop meeting of the 2014-2015 Girl Scout Year.

This Friday, June 5, is the last day Sis. Kesha will be available to assist with Early Bird Registration. Parents will also update their girl’s health forms and registration addresses. Adult Volunteers and girls already in the system can register online by June 30.

We will also be taking new registrations for 2015-2016 for the following groups at the June 5 troop meeting:

  • Brownies (grades 2 & 3)
  • Seniors (grades 9 & 10)
  • Ambassadors (grades 11 & 12)

New parents must come prepared to pay the registration fee as well as fill out their girl’s health forms.

ma salaama

Sis Kesha

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