Troop 3480 is Unified in Uniform

Girl Scouts in America and around the world are recognized by their uniforms. Help make sure your girl is wearing her uniform correctly, uniting her with the sisterhood of Girl Scouts.

The required uniform for Troop 3480 includes the following:

  • insignia tab and pins (appropriate for level)
  • white shirt
  • khaki pants / skirt or khaki abaya
  • white scarf
  • active footwear

There are also official tunics or vest for the girls based on their level on which girls can proudly display their earned badges and participation patches. Daisies wear blue tunics; Brownies vests are brown; Juniors sport the green vests; and Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors are all decked out in tan vests.

Along with the vests, parents should purchase these essential items:

  • American flag patch
  • Council Identification patch for Girl Scout of the Nations Capital
  • Troop Numerals 3480
  • Insignia Tab

Use this visual guide to learn where to place all pins, patches and badges:

All items can be purchased online at the official Girl Scout Shop or in person at the GS Shop of the Nations Capital located at 4301 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC, 20008.

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