Reminder: Ramadan Lock-In Tonight

ramadhanSeniorAsalaamu Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak!

This is a small reminder about tonight’s lock-in.

This event is for all registered Girls Scouts in Troop 3480: girls from last scouting year and our newly registered girls.

Girls should wear their Girl Scout uniforms. If they do not have vests they should still wear white shirts, khaki bottoms and hijabs.

We are earning our Ramadan patches. Each age group will have items to do tonight and some to bring back later.

We will also be showing the documentary Koran by Heart, that features three young Muslims participating in a Quran competition during Ramadan.

Send your girls prepared to learn, have fun and experience a little indoor camping. Bring those permission slips. Make sure your girls are prepared.

We are still in need to of parents to help out during the evening program and sahoor.

Ma salaama



3 thoughts on “Reminder: Ramadan Lock-In Tonight

  1. Mona says:

    where is the permission slip ???

  2. Amani kharma says:

    When is the next GS meeting?

    • Asalaamu Alaiakum,
      The Scouting year is from October to August. Troop 3480 usually has its 1st meeting in September. Please register with this blog to recieve email updates and watch this space. Since our troop is very big we give out information HERE..and only here.

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