Reminder: Back to Troop This Friday, Sept 27 at 6PM!

backToTroop2013-14The first meeting of the 2013-2014 scouting year will be THIS Friday, September 27, 2013, 6 – 7:30PM, inshaAllah.

As discussed in the parent meeting this past weekend:

  • Girls will not be allowed to participate if they arrive after 6:15pm.
  • We will be accepting troop dues payments.
  • If you are NOT currently registered for the 2013-2014 scouting year please pay the registration fee at this meeting. Our troop will close registration on October 1, 2013. Please contact Troop Management for registration concerns.
  • Girls should be in uniform and be ready to have a wonderful year.

Parents who missed the parent meeting should see Sis. Alia between 6:15 – 6:45PM during the troop meeting to get that important information.

Ma salaama


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5 thoughts on “Reminder: Back to Troop This Friday, Sept 27 at 6PM!

  1. Asia says: the parent meeting you mentioned the cadette girls wear a crest. Which one is it?


    • Walaikum Salaam
      Red carnation
      No problem

      • Asia says:

        ASA..Could you let me know exactly what we need to purchase for the junior and cadette scouts vests’? I know we need to get the:

        Council ID
        Troop Number
        Carnation crest (for cadette)

        Do we need to buy any of the following: the insignia tab, world trefoil pin, girl scout membership pin, girl scout membership star and corresponding colored disc? Or will they be given to the girls?

        Anything else?


      • Uniforms can be purchased at they physical Girl Scout Store in NW Washington DC (Red Line) or online.
        This link has information for both:
        Purchase: The vest, the council ID, the flag, troop numbers (3480), the crest, the insignia tab.
        The World Trefoil is optional.
        Membership Pins will be given out at Investiture.
        Stars and disks are given after years of membership. If you daughters have been girl scouts previously you can purchase your own stars and I have disks depending on the sections they participated in.
        I pray this is clear and answers your question. Email directly (under the contact tab) for further help.
        Ma Salaama

      • ummzakiyah2013 says:

        Yes Shukran…just wanted to be sure I get everything they need. My girls have been in scouts for 3 years, since daisies, in troop 7102 in Pennsylvania. Also there is a girl scout shop in Ellicott City called Juliette’s Closet, 5042 Ilchester Road Ellicott City MD 410 455 0542. It might be closer for some people to drive there instead of DC. They sell everything you need for girl scouts.

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