Note from the Cookie Mom

5BoxesOfCookiesAsalaamu Alaikum

Initial Cookie Orders Due Jan. 16
All initial cookie order counts are due January 16, by 10pm via email only to:

zakiya [dot] zaid [at] gmail [dot] com

Please make sure to share this with girls whose parents do not follow the blog. Orders that are not emailed will be not be submitted with the initial cookie order.

Emails should follow this format:

Jamila Doe, Daisy

Samoas: 5 boxes

Thin Mints: 10 boxes

Trefoils: 3 boxes

Do-si-dos: 4 boxes

Tagalongs: 1 box

Savannah Smiles: 7 boxes

If you have more than one girl selling cookies, list each girl’s cookie orders separately. Cookie Goals are per girl, not per family.

Cookie Transport
Parents are needed to volunteer for cookie pick up for the Troop on February 10. The more parents we have to transport cookies the quicker it will be. Please see Sis. Zakiya at the Friday meeting for more info.

Cookie Incentives
Each girl should aim to sell a minimum of 75 boxes of cookies. These can be sold individually or through cookie booths. Selling at cookie booths is an easy way for your girl to increase her cookie sales totals. Selling 75 boxes of cookies will qualify your daughter for special prizes at the Cookie Party after the 2013-14 Cookie Season ends. Girls who do not sell 75 or more boxes will also be able to attend.

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