Court of Awards Troop Meeting & Trip Reminders

troopMeetingFridayAsalaamu Alaikum

Court of Awards
Troop 3480 has been busy, busy, busy. It’s time to give our hard working Girl Scouts their awards. At a Court of Awards, Girl Scouts receive recognition for their accomplishments in the form of patches, badges, pins and certificates. Court of awards is another Girl Scout tradition that all Girl Scouts share. The Court of Awards will take place this Friday, at the March 28 troop meeting, inshaAllah. Girls will receive their awards and share in our troop’s accomplishments. Please note: Badges, patches and etc. will be given to girls whose dues have been paid.

Trip Reminders
Seniors/Ambassador horseback riding (Sunday, March 30) permission slips and money are due. Correction: All slots are full. Brownie Bug Badge (Saturday, March 29) permission slips and money are due this Friday. Payments and permission slips will not be accepted on the day of events.

See you at the troop meeting this Friday, 28 March, 6 – 7:30PM.

Ma salaama

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