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Reminder: Troop Meeting This Friday, Nov 4


The next regularly scheduled troop meeting will be this Friday, November 4, 6 – 7:30PM, inshaAllah. Please be timely. Arrivals after 6:30PM are disruptive to troop meetings and strongly discouraged.

Take a little time to note in your calendar the next troop meetings throughout the end 2016:

  • Nov 18
  • Dec 2, 16


  • This Friday, the Brownies will be making sit-upons for camp and to use anytime they need to sit on the ground. Sit-upons are a Girl Scout tradition. Please bring 2 newspapers, a strong, reusable plastic bag big enough for the newspaper to fit into, and duct tape to share. The more colorful bag and duct tape, the better.
  • Brownies should also bring their WOW journey book and completed word find take home sheet from last troop meeting.
  • GSCNC will pay $25 towards a girl’s dues and will also pay for uniform items (excluding vests), Girl Guides and journey books. If you would like financial assistance let us know this Friday. We will be sending in one combined financial assistance request.


  • Juniors will get ready for the Lodge Campout and continue working on their Camper badge: The girls will learn more about the camp site and demonstrate a new camp skill by building a model campfire.


  • Cadettes will decide which journey they want to accomplish during the campout next week.
  • Cadettes will also draft the shopping budget for the meals they are responsible for during the campout, and assign kapers for who will participate and how the menu will be executed at the camp out.


  • Permission forms and payments are due at this Friday’s troop meeting for the Troop Lodge Campout, Nov 11 – 13.


  • Pay your Girl Scout’s troop dues: $45 for Daisies, $60 for all other levels. If needed, dues can be paid in installments. Dues pay for badges and pins, help supplement some activities/trips, and also help support the troop web site, and other troop expenses. (Parents pay for fun patches.) For financial assistance contact your Girl Scout’s troop leader.
  • Financial assistance is also available for uniform items, Girl Guides and journey books. Contact your Girl Scout’s troop leader.
  • Help build our troop camping supplies. Select at least one item to donate from the list in this link:
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Registration Ends Nov 4 for Troop Lodge Campout, Nov 11 – 13

campgirlscoutspatchOur whole troop is going lodge camping together! Lodge camping is a way for Girl Scouts to experience camping without being exposed to the elements overnight. Girls will put to use the camping skills they learned at the Camping Skills Blitz. While Brownies through Ambassadors will do two overnights, Daisies will get the opportunity to spend a full day at camp. Girls might work on journeys, badges, crafts or enjoy other enriching activities.

Brownies through Ambassadors should arrive at Camp Winona on Friday, November 11, between 4:30PM and 6PM; Pick up is by 12 Noon on Sunday, November 13. Daisies should arrive on Saturday, November 12, between 8:30AM and 9AM and should be picked up at 7:30PM Saturday evening. Chaperones are not needed for this camp. Tagalongs are not permitted. There are no available spaces for additional adult campers. Permission forms and payment are due at the troop meeting on November 4.

Help build our troop camping supplies. Select at least one item to donate from the list in this link:

What: Troop Lodge Campout
Who: All Levels
When: Friday, November 11, 2016, 6PM – Sunday, November 13, 2016, 12 Noon
Daisies: Saturday, November 12, 9AM – 7:30PM
Where: Camp Winona
6875 Winona Place Hughesville, MD 20637
Cost: $25/Brownie – Ambassador; $10/Daisy
Forms: Troop Lodge Camping Permission Form

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