Troop Manager:
Sis. Alia alia [dot] kemet [at] gmail [dot] com

(Grades K-1)
Troop 3057 Leaders:
Sis. Eman
Sis. Jessica
(Grades 2-3)
Troop 3162 Leaders:
Sis. Huda
Sis. Naima
Sis. Whittni
(Grades 4-5)
Troop 3813 Leaders:
Sis. Faiza
Sis. Kori
(Grades 6-8)
Troop 3480 Advisors:
Sis. Alia
Sis. Rahmah
(Grades 9-10)
Troop 2829 Advisor:
Sis. Asma H.
Sis. Asma M.
(Grades 11-12)
Troop 2056 Advisor:
Sis. Asma H.
Sis. Asma M.

All troops are part of the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital (GSCNC), Service Unit 22-6.


21 thoughts on “Troops

  1. Shefa says:


    I was a girlscout from Troop 2802 (Al-Huda) as a junior and cadette. I was wondering if you would need an help as a volunteer? I’m 15 years old and I enjoyed it very much.

    • as salaamu alaikum Shefa! We LOVE volunteers. Please contact our troop leader alia [dot] kemet [at] gmail [dot] com. I apologize for the funky spelling, but I’m trying to protect her inbox from spammers. Also, make sure you follow our blog for updates. Shukran!

  2. Rafiq says:

    Please add me to the email list. Also am I able to make suggestions through this medium.

    • You’ve been added Rafiq, but you still have to confirm in the email you will get from WordPress. We welcome your input by either commenting on this blog or emailing Troop Leader Alia at Alia [dot] Kemet [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

  3. Mona says:

    Is there girls scout today ? December 14th 2012? JAK

    • I hope you were able to get in contact with either a Troop Manager or your girl’s troop leader in time for last Friday’s troop meeting. Please note that Troop 3480 has meetings EVERY OTHER FRIDAY. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be December 28, 2012. But before then, we’ve got our Troop Blitz on Saturday, 22 December. See you soon.

  4. Zainab Arenas says:

    As salaamu alaikum,
    Although skeptical at first, i was very pleased (mashaAllah) of the PGMA Girl Scout Leadership and troop coordination. The sisters in charge really took charge and handled registering the girls in a professional, patient and caring way. As I watched the sisters I saw a genuine concern for the girls and the support from the parents made me confident my daughter will have a wonderful experience with this troop, inshaAllah. I look forward to my daughter experiencing all the great things this troop has lined up for them. I pray to Allah (swt) for the blessings for the Troop Leaders and Volunteers to see The Garden for their unwavering support for our little Muslimahs…Amin

  5. Renee Powell says:

    please send me a phone number to correspond with.
    Thank You

  6. Sis Tayibah says:

    Salam! My daughter is new member and hasn’t been to the troop meetings yet. She was a junior from Troop 2802 and I transfer her to troop 3480 during renewal. We look forward to meeting you all at the next meeting since today’s meeting has been cancelled.
    She is now a cadette and to know who to contact.

    • wa alaikum as salaam Sis Tayibah. Welcome to Troop 3480! You can contact the troop managers listed above or ask to speak with a Cadette troop advisor when you arrive at the next troop meeting, inshaAllah.

  7. Tawakalt says:

    Keeping Girls Healthy and Fit
    with free ‘Healthy Habits’ Journey Booklets

  8. Masudah Ayanah says:

    AsSalaamuAlaikum. Please contact me. My daughter would like to join the troops. Ayah is in 4th grade and will be turning 10 in May.

    • Thank you for your interest in joining Girl Scout Troop 3480 at PGMA. Please contact Sis. Alia at alia [dot] kemet [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

      • Charles Hayes says:

        Good Afternoon! My name is Charles Hayes. I am in the Knights of Columbus in Silver Spring, Md. Our Council is sponsoring a Walk-A-Thon along Sligo Creek Trail in October entitled “KIDS HELPING KIDS” for the benefit of children of incarcerated parents funding trips , camp and visits to their parent in jail. We need Walkers and Sponsors. If you think that the Girl Scouts may be interested, I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you in detail about the event. P.S. My daughter is a Den Leader with the GS in Texas. I am a long time resident of Takoma Park.
        Thank You!
        Charles J. Hayes 301-806-8347 (C)

  9. mohhamed bah says:

    can you email permission slips for field trips? My daughter is a cadette enrollled with this troop and is looking forward to the archery trip on oct,18 . pls reply

  10. ummzakiyah2013 says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum, would you be able to post the email address of any (or all) of the cadette leaders?


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