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Cookie Update & Junior Notes



A short but very important note from the Cookie Mom Zakiya:
Troop 3480 is coming to the end of the 2014 Cookie Season. Cookies balances must to be paid at the troop meeting this Friday, 28 March, before 6:30PM.



At this Friday’s troop meeting, Junior parents are invited to attend our Court of Awards Ceremony. The girls have decided to cook a dish each. We’ll have a hostess, a waitress, a scout to distribute badges, and some girls will do short speeches about how Girl Scouts has impacted their life. Girls will be dressing up as they were at the pinning ceremony: girls should wear a skirt or dress along with their Girl Scout vest. No athletic shoes, please. Click here to find out where to place all your new badges and patches.

Note: the Junior troop Eco City Farm Tour has been cancelled until after Encampment. InshaAllah, Sis. Yasmeen will try arrange a tour for the entire troop and interested families. Until then, consider attending Eco City Farm’s Open House on Saturday, 10AM – 12PM.

InshaAllah, from now on, the Junior troop leaders intend to inform parents about Junior events by the middle of the week following the troop meetings.

Sis. Yasmeen

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Second Cookie Order Pickup, Mar. 9, 2PM

5BoxesOfCookiesAsalaamu Aliakum,

Parents should pick up their girl’s second cookie orders Sunday, March 9th at 2PM. Please email Sis Zakiya at zakiya [dot] zaid [at] gmail [dot] com for the address, as it will not be placed on the blog. Being on time is appreciated since she has other obligations on Sundays. Thank you again for your participation in the 2014 Cookie Season.

Ma salaama,

Sis. Kesha

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