Final Troop Meeting of 2012-2013 This Friday, May 31

troopMeetingFridayTroop 3480’s last regularly scheduled troop meeting for the 2012-2013 scouting year will be Friday, 31 May, 6 – 7:30PM, inshaAllah.

Daisies will continue to work on their flower garden. Parents: Make sure your Daisy girls do NOT wear their uniform, but rather clothes in which they can garden and enjoy Allah’s creation.

Juniors should bring costumes for their final troop meeting festivities.

Cadettes should come ready to make movie magic.

Early Bird Registration also ends this Friday for girls who are already members of the troop. Pay your registration fees for the fall now.

What a fruitful year it has been, mashaAllah. Don’t forget to attend the End-of-Year Program this Sunday, June 2, at Glenn Dale Community Center at 3PM.


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