Daisies to Earn the Zoo Animal Safari Patch and Sharpen Conflict Resolution Skills

zooAnimalSafariPatchAsalaamu Alaikum,

In October the Daisies took a trip to the National Zoo to work on the first part of the Zoo Animal Safari (Z.A.S.) patch.

Z.A.S was created in 2004 to help “Girl Scouts who visit the zoo identify conflict situations and ways to avoid them”. Part 1 was the visit to the zoo. Part 2 will be more discussion and role playing at the next Daisy meeting.

Did you miss the zoo trip? Download the Zoo Animal Safari program (pdf). Complete 5 stations, bring in a receipt from the National Zoo and your daughter will also recieve the patch at the Court of Awards if she also attends this Friday’s troop meeting.

We pray that more Daisy parents will participate in upcoming troop trips.

See you Friday inshaAllah,

Daisy Troop Leaders


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