Juniors to Complete Final Steps of Animal Habitats Badge

juniorsAnimalHabitatsBadgeJuniors are working on the Animal Habitats Badge. The girls who went on the horseback ricing field trip completed the first two steps. (Girls who were unable to go horseback riding should contact Sis. Maryam.) The third step was covered at the 8 Nov. troop meeting.

Here are the final steps Juniors should complete by the Nov. 22 troop meeting, inshaAllah:

Step 4: Explore endangered habitats
When the animals no longer have their habitat, they have to adapt to a new place to live. Some animals can’t change, and end up becoming endangered. Answer these questions about one of the endangered animal habitats below:

  • Why is it in danger?
  • What is happening to the animals?
  • What are people doing to help the habitat?
  • Are the animals able to adapt?

The Arctic Circle.
The Gulf of Mexico
The Amazon rain forest

Step 5: Help protect animal habitats
You can take steps to help protect animals’ homes and prevent them from becoming endangered.

Wildlife awareness party. Choose an endangered animal. Dress up like the animal for a party with your Junior friends and tell your story: where you live, why your home is endangered, and how others can help. If there’s an organization that protects your habitat, share its name and mission. It’s a party because it’s positive: The more you know about how to help, the more you can do!


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