Meeting Reminder, Cookies, Camping and a Bit of Troop Housekeeping

troopMeetingFridayOur next regularly scheduled troop meeting will be Friday, 14 February, 6 – 7:30PM, inshaAllah.

Parents should come pick up their girls cookie orders this Sunday, February 16, 2014, 11AM – 2PM. Please be timely and bring boxes and/or bags in which to carry cookie boxes. Please note that payment for half of the cookie order is due at the time of pickup. Makes checks payable to ‘Troop 3480’. Because this is a private home, the address will not be posted here. Contact Sis. Zakiya at zakiya [dot] said [at] gmail [dot] com.

Sign up for Cookie Booths at this Friday’s troop meeting. Cookie booths can only be successful with parent participation. Help your daughter increase her cookie count by signing up.

Dates & Times:
3/8: 12 Noon – 2PM
3/15: 4 – 6PM
3/22: 12 Noon – 2PM

(Again, exact locations will be given at the troop meeting, inshaAllah.)

Older girls are needed to handle money and this can go toward Cookie Management patches. Parents will be responsible for picking up cookies for the booth from the Cookie Mom, returning remaining cookies, as well as accounting for the money with assistance from other parents and troop leaders. Teamwork makes everything easy.

Contact Sis. Zakiya at zakiya [dot] said [at] gmail [dot] com.

InshaAllah, our Troop will be attending the Encampment with our Service Unit April 11-13. If you would like your daughter to attend this enriching camping experience it is mandatory that you attend the Camping 101 Meeting this Friday at 6:15PM during our regularly scheduled troop meeting.

Parents who already attended a parent camping meeting need to register their Girl Scout(s) for camp, including paying the $35 for the two night camping trip. Please bring the $35 to register your daughter for the April 11-13 camping trip. She must also be current in dues. There will be no exceptions and space is limited to those who register first. Please contact Sister Alia if you have any questions.

This is the final parent camping meeting being offered as a courtesy to parents who were unable to attend the first meeting.

We would like welcome some new parents to the troop and the blog. Here are some housekeeping items that help our troop run smoothly.

  1. Troop meetings begin at 6PM. Girls are not allowed in after 6:15PM.
  2. Our troop accepts all payments in cash as well as checks made out to “Troop 3480”.
  3. Please sign up to receive email updates from All information about trips, meetings, events (both troop-sponsored and on-your-own) are posted on this public forum. We have over 100 registered girls in our troop and contacting every parent is just not always possible.
  4. All registered girls must to have health forms on file to attend Troop sponsored trips. Even if you don’t have private medical insurance, Girl Scout membership covers registered girls while on trips.
  5. Dues are $45 a year. Dues money covers pins, patches and supplements the costs of some trips.
  6. Our troop unifies through the Girl Scout uniform. Read more about our troop uniforms and where they can be purchased. We currently have a uniform incentive program to reward girls who are always in uniform every meeting.
  7. Permission slips and fees for trips should be turned in together. We post permission slips on our blog, hoping parents will print them out and turn them in at the next meeting. Calls or permission slips will not be accepted the day of an event. Questions about trips should be sent to Sis. Kesha or the respective troop leader.
  8. Both parents and girls should learn more about Girl Scout programs by visiting our council website, Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital (GSCNC). The site includes information about camping, summer camps, volunteering, Girl Scout awards and so much more. Our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) instructed us to seek knowledge from cradle to grave.
  9. When in doubt about something, just ask. If you have questions about anything above see troop managers, Sis. Kesha or Sis. Alia. Troop management and leaders are here to make sure your girls are safe, secure and are able to enjoy their scouting year.

Thank you for your time,


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