Reminders for Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Girl Scouts: Encampment Meal Planning and Magic March

Asalaamu Alaikum,

cadettes insigniaEncampment Meal Planning Meeting, 21 Mar.
Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts who have registered and paid to attend the service unit encampment — just four weeks away on April 11 – 13 — should meet at PGMA this Friday, March 21, at 6:30PM to plan meals for encampment. Girls should come ready share ideas for delicious meals that can be cooked over an open flame, on a camp stove, in a box oven or using other camp cooking gadgets. Girls will also receive instructions and supplies on how to build their own box oven.

March Magic, 22 Mar.
Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors will depart from PGMA at 7AM on Saturday, 22 March, to attend March Magic Teen & Outdoor Blitz at Potomac Woods Camp Ground inshaAllah. Troop Management thanks parents who attended the parent meeting for this event. We pray the girls have a wonderful time.

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