Juniors to Visit National Geographic Museum’s “Food: Our Global Kitchen” Exhibit, Feb 14

Girls will enjoy seasonal tastings, cook a virtual meal, and take a journey from farm to fork in this appetizing exhibit. Presented with Whole Foods Market, the Test Kitchen inside the exhibition will feature seasonal treats, samplings of chocolate, and demonstrations.

“Explore the complex and intricate food system that brings what we eat from farm to fork. In sections devoted to growing, transporting, cooking, eating, tasting, and celebrating, the exhibition illuminates how our world eats and the future of food.

With opportunities to taste seasonal treats in the working kitchen, cook a virtual meal, see rare artifacts, and peek into the dining rooms of famous figures throughout history, visitors will examine the intersection of food, nature, culture, health, and history—and consider some of the most challenging issues of our time.”

What: Food: Our Global Kitchen Exhibit
Who: Juniors
When: 14 February 2015, 10AM – 1:45PM
Where: National Geographic Museum
1145 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036
202 857 7588
Cost: $9.10 (metro) / Free (if driving)
Forms: Download Junior National Geographic Museum Parent Permission form

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