Cadette Corner: Babysitter Badge

Asalaamu Alaikum ladies

Thank you again to all the girls that have contributed to the badge tracker sheet. You still have time to fill in speakers, field trips and events for badges that you are interested in.

cadette_babysitting_largeOne that was very popular was the Babysitter badge. Council offered two babysitting classes (January 18 and February 7) that only a couple of girls were interested in. Here are other options for girls to get the certification to complete the badge at the following locations:

  1. Suburban hospital
  2. Holy Cross
  3. Anne Arundel Medical Center

Certifications are not supplemented by the troop. If you find another class offered in the area please update the badge tracker and share the updated document with me. If you complete an alternate certification class please bring in proof of attendance

As part of the Babysitter badge we will have a group of daycare providers come in and speak to the troop. Make sure you are present on January 15 and be ready to ask questions. We will also do a tour of a daycare facility. That info will only be given in the meeting due to privacy considerations.

Ma salaama

Sis Kesha


2 thoughts on “Cadette Corner: Babysitter Badge

  1. Roukia Aboud says:

    Thank you for organizing this training to our troop You are the best Shukran Roukia Aboud

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