Bridging Program & Ceremony at This Friday’s Troop Meeting, Oct 7

bridgingAwards2014-2PGMA Girl Scouts will have a bridging program and ceremony at this Friday’s troop meeting on October 7 inshaAllah. Bridging is an important transition in a Girl Scout’s life. It’s a defining moment when a girl becomes aware of her achievements and is ready for new adventures and responsibilities.

There are two components to earn a Girl Scout Bridging Award. For the first step, girls have to “Pass It On” by telling younger girls what it is like to be a Girl Scout at their current level. For example Brownies would tell Daisies how much fun it is in Brownies and the type of activities they have done in the past year. The second step is to “Look Forward” where girls find out from older Girl Scouts what it is like to be in that level. For example Brownies would listen to what Juniors had done in the past
year and find out how much fun it is to be a Junior.

Bridging Girl Scouts: get prepared to share last year’s amazing, fun and challenging experiences with your sister Girl Scouts by bringing the bridging handout on which they have written down at least three things that enjoyed about Girl Scouts last year. This task is only for bridging Girl Scouts. Download, print and complete the bridging handout and bring it this Friday.

After sharing their experiences at the bridging ceremony this Friday, bridging Girl Scouts will receive the insignia pin for their new level, a bridging certificate, and bridging award inshaAllah.

We’ll see you this Friday inshaAllah!

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