Troop Lodge Campout Personal Supplies Checklist

beprepared2All levels of our troop will be going lodge camping this weekend inshaAllah. If your Girl Scout didn’t get a personal supplies checklist at the troop meeting last Friday, download it now so she can “Be Prepared”. Be mindful that we will be staying two nights. Encourage girls to pack their own bag so they know what is in it. Girls should also be able to carry what they pack.

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2 thoughts on “Troop Lodge Campout Personal Supplies Checklist

  1. Arabella Zeba says:

    As salaam alaikum sisters,
    For the boots that cover the ankle, can they be rain boots or do they need to be some other type of more secure boot?

    • wa alaikum as salaam Arabella,
      The best option for boots that cover the ankle would be hiking boots, but any sturdy, weather-appropriate, closed-toe shoe (like boots or sneakers) should suffice. Don’t go out and buy anything that you wouldn’t normally buy; Please work with what you have.

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