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Juniors to Earn Tea Party Patch, Feb. 8

teacupsstackJuniors: Come refine and increase your tea party etiquette, plus earn a patch. No uniforms or permission slips are needed. This is a dress up event! Volunteers included. No tagalongs, please. At the January 31 troop meeting, Layla A. will collect the names and fees for girls who plan to come to the Tea Party on February 8. Kimars can be removed during this event because the door and blinds will be kept shut.

What: Tea Party Patch
Who: Juniors
When: Saturday, February 8, 2014, 1 – 2:30PM
Where: PGMA in the Juniors room
Cost: $5.00 (No refunds)

Oh Allah, please accept our effort to learn how to serve You in a loving way.

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