We Hit the Target! Next Troop Meeting on Friday, October 19

The next troop meeting is on Friday, October 19, 2012 at 6PM in classroom 2. Girls should be on time and in uniform. Also remember that Troop 3480 meets every other Friday at PGMA.

Here’s a quick photo recap of our Archery Workshop last Saturday at the Adelphi Manor Archery Range. Kudos to Sr. Yasmine who set up an excellent program providing the girls with the Islamic perspective on archery and to Park Ranger Devin’s patient and supportive instruction. Congratulations to the participating girls who earned their archery patch. If you’ve caught the archery bug, let Sr. Yasmine know! You can also download Saracen Archery — an English version and exposition of a Mameluke work on archery from A.D. 1368.

Safety First! Lining up behind the safety line.

Girls learn archery vocabulary from tip to lower limb and point to nock.

Ranger Devin demonstrates proper stance.

Bows, arrows and arm guards await.

Junior Zahra H. aims for the target.

Junior Troop Leader Sr. Yasmine gives some tips.

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One thought on “We Hit the Target! Next Troop Meeting on Friday, October 19

  1. Alhumdulillah it was a great time. Can’t wait to go back!!

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