How have we been able to accomplish so much?


Please read this post in its entirety.

Membership dues have helped Troop 3480 accomplish a lot! The final installment of dues will be collected at the next Girl Scout meeting, Friday February 8th at 6:00PM.

The final dues for this 2012-2013 scouting year are $20 per girl. Please come prepared to pay dues Friday February 8th with either cash or a check made payable to PGMA.

These funds will cover the end of the year activities and celebrations, patches, awards, arts and crafts and a portion of the field trips. This is a mandatory contribution to your daughter’s scouting experience. If there are any questions or concerns please connect with troop managers Alia or Kesha.

As a reminder, the first $25 in dues per girl which was paid in September covered the first part of the year. Many of the activities your daughter participated in were either fully covered with funds from the dues or supplemented with funds from the dues. A few of those activities included Cookie College, Skating, Scout Blitz,1001 Inventions, Color Me Mine, Bridging etc. Dues are also used for awards, program supplies and patches.

Jazakallah Khair for your support in the scouting experience!



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