Cookie Update: Email Cookie Orders & Sign Up for Booth Sales

5BoxesOfCookiesAsalaamu Alaikum,

Turn in the second cookie orders (or make your first order if you missed the one in January) you will need to do so by Friday, February 28, 2014. Cookie orders must be submitted via email. Emails are the best way to keep track of orders so there are no questions when money is due. Send your email to the Cookie Mom, Sis. Zakiya at zakiya [dot] zaid [at] gmail [dot] com.

Emails should follow this format:

Jamila Doe, Daisy

Samoas: 5 boxes

Thin Mints: 10 boxes

Trefoils: 3 boxes

Do-si-dos: 4 boxes

Tagalongs: 1 box

Savannah Smiles: 7 boxes

If you have more than one girl selling cookies, list each girl’s cookie orders separately.

Sign up for cookie booths. Cookie booth sales are a great way for girls to learn about financial resources, money management, and setting goals, in addition to earning patches. We can add more booths on the weekends if we have the girls and accompanying adults willing to take the lead.

Dates & Times:
3/8: 12 Noon – 2PM, Hyattsville, MD
3/15: 4 – 6PM, Largo, MD
3/22: 12 Noon – 2PM, Bowie, MD

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