Troop Meeting This Friday, Feb 13


The next regularly scheduled troop meeting will be this Friday, February 13, 6 – 7:30PM, inshaAllah.


  • Brownies will continue working on the My Promise, My Faith Pin. Brownies should bring in two or three inspirational quotes by women of any faith. During the meeting they will write the quotes on card stock paper and bring them home to post where they can see them.


  • Turn in permission forms for National Geographic Food Exhibit field trip, THIS SATURDAY, Feb 14
  • We completed work for the girls to earn the My Promise, My Faith Pin at the last troop meeting. Some girls still need to turn in their quotes from Quran, Hadith or Seerah about courage and strength to complete the requirements.
  • We’ll continue working on our Get Moving! Journey. Girl should:
    • bring some colorful paper trash, such as a magazine, supermarket ads or wrapping paper. We’re going to make paper beads!
    • bring a piece of packaging, torn or cut so that it can’t be easily identified. The idea will be for the rest of the Juniors to guess what the packaging once held.
    • Read pages 19-21, 26-35, 41-43 in the Get Moving! journey book and then bring ideas for personal and team energy pledges. If your girl doesn’t have her journey book yet, bring $7 to purchase it from the troop leader, pick one up at the Girl Scout Shop, or buy it online.



  • Overnight Lodge Camping, THIS WEEKEND, Feb 13 – 14
  • Girls should sign up for Cookie Booth sales which begin in our local area on February 20. Girls whose parents have not signed them up for individual cookie sales are allowed to sell at Cookie Booths. Girls who want to Sojourn to Savannah must sell cookies, individually and/or at Cookie Booths.


  • Please contact Sister Rolanda at this Friday’s troop meeting to sign up to bring snacks. Troop managers request that parents provide snacks for at least one troop meeting during the Girl Scout year.
  • The cookies are coming! Our very pregnant Cookie Mom needs help picking up our troops’ cookie orders on Wednesday, February 18. She needs people to meet her in Bowie to load cookies and then unload at her home in North East DC. Many hands make light work. Email her at troop3480cookies [at] yahoo [dot] com or catch her at this Friday’s troop meeting.
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