Cadette Corner: Completing Eating for Beauty & Science of Happiness Badges

Asalaamu Alaikum Ladies,

Cadettes who were not able to go lodge camping can still complete the badges we finished during that weekend.

cadette_eating-for-beauty_largeEating for Beauty
If you were present for Dr. Ali-Huff’s presentation:

  • Bring a smoothie to share and talk about its health beneficial. Make sure you bring small cups to share with the group. Tip: Know what’s in your smoothie: some people have allergies to certain fruit and nuts.
  • Create a meal plan for an overnight camping trip. The meal plan should include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Include meal that all girls can share — we have vegetarians, those that can not eat grains, and others with nut allergies). What are the meals? How will you prepare them: open fire, box oven, camp stove?

cadette_science-of-happiness_largeScience of Happiness

  • Attend a yoga class and tell the group how you enjoyed it and what poses you liked.
  • Share your happy: Describe how you made someone happy. Be specific and be ready to share your story with the group.
  • Keep the happy going: How do you relieve stress? Did you use the yoga poses you learned? Do you meditate or thikr?

We want everyone to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing their badge goals. Work smarter, not harder. Cadettes have until March 6 to present information for these badges.

Ma salaama

Sis. Kesha

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