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Cadette Corner: Finishing Up Science of Happiness & Eating for Beauty badges


Cadettes who are working on the following badges and attended the last troop meeting should email me so that I can have your badges ready on Friday inshaAllah.

Science of Happiness badge tips:cadette_science-of-happiness_large

  1. Choose 2 – 3 things from the list of things that make you happy (or happier) to enjoy.
  2. Be grateful in words and deeds. Throughout the day approach people and say “Thank You” for something current, continuous and/or from the past, and/or voluntarily do a task/chore or assist with something (whether it is your responsibility or not) seeking nothing in return. Start with parents and family.
  3. Being optimistic especially when not in the best mood. Try focusing on the positive, and when something negative occurs (regardless of who is at fault) reflect and evaluate how you may be able to make situation and/or mood better. If the experience is negative share with someone (in writing or verbally) how you could have made a better decision, or said or done something differently. If the interaction was positive, explore what made it positive?To Share on Friday:
    keep track of the time you use after school for 4 days.

To Share on Friday:

  1. Keep track of how you use your time after school for 4 days.
  2. What things could you decrease or increase to crease more time for what makes you happy?
  3. Please bring your findings on a presentation board to discuss with group.

Eating for Beauty badge tips:cadette_eating-for-beauty_large
Mindful eating means connecting with and experiencing your food.

  1. Turn off the TV, put your cell phone aside, and remove any other distractions.
  2. Say complete dua before and after a meal, remaining more aware and in the moment, as opposed to only saying “Bismillah”.
  3. Smell, look at, touch, and appreciate the food.
  4. Chew 15-20 times before swallowing. The mouth is the beginning of the digestive system.

To share on Friday:

  1. Practice the tips above.
  2. Bring the dua you learned and its meaning.

Sis Kesha

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Cadette Corner: Completing Eating for Beauty & Science of Happiness Badges

Asalaamu Alaikum Ladies,

Cadettes who were not able to go lodge camping can still complete the badges we finished during that weekend.

cadette_eating-for-beauty_largeEating for Beauty
If you were present for Dr. Ali-Huff’s presentation:

  • Bring a smoothie to share and talk about its health beneficial. Make sure you bring small cups to share with the group. Tip: Know what’s in your smoothie: some people have allergies to certain fruit and nuts.
  • Create a meal plan for an overnight camping trip. The meal plan should include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Include meal that all girls can share — we have vegetarians, those that can not eat grains, and others with nut allergies). What are the meals? How will you prepare them: open fire, box oven, camp stove?

cadette_science-of-happiness_largeScience of Happiness

  • Attend a yoga class and tell the group how you enjoyed it and what poses you liked.
  • Share your happy: Describe how you made someone happy. Be specific and be ready to share your story with the group.
  • Keep the happy going: How do you relieve stress? Did you use the yoga poses you learned? Do you meditate or thikr?

We want everyone to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing their badge goals. Work smarter, not harder. Cadettes have until March 6 to present information for these badges.

Ma salaama

Sis. Kesha

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Cadette Corner: Eating for Beauty

Asalaamu Alaikum Cadettes,

cadette_eating-for-beauty_largeEating for Beauty badge steps:

  1. Download the food journal and log your meals for seven days. Bring it to the January 30 troop meeting.
  2. Bring a smoothie recipe. We will be picking a smoothie recipe to use at Camp Winona when we complete the final steps up your Eating for Beauty badge
  3. Dr. Ali-Huff will be at the January 30 troop meeting to discuss healthy eating and help the girls create meal plans for camping in February and the Journey Weekend in March.

If you need to finish your Peacemaker kit bring your supplies to the troop meeting on January 30 as well.

Cadettes have completed work to earn the Financial Literacy badge, aMaze Interact award, Archery patch, part one and two of the Girl Scout Way badge, and are finishing up the aMaze Peacemaker award.

Cadette journey and badge work is your responsibility, not the responsibility of your troop advisor or parent(s). Girls who prepare for meetings will be participating in badge work going forward. Great job and mumtaz to those girls working hard to make this scouting year successful!

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