Brownies & Daisies Go Bananas at Fire Engine Volunteer Department 39

The Brownies and Daisies had a great visit at Fire Engine Volunteer Department 39 on March 13. The Daisies earned the Respect Authority Petal and the Brownies completed their First Aid Badge. Two women EMTs and a woman firefighter spoke to them about how and when to call 911, the importance of wearing helmets when riding bicycles, how to apply band aids and demonstrated putting on the firefighter gear apparatus and air tanks. Since Girl Scouts are so well known for their fabulous songs and singing everywhere, the girls concluded the session by singing “Go Bananas” as the firefighters joined in. The visit ended with everyone climbing onto the fire trucks. This was their most favorite field trip of the year so far.







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One thought on “Brownies & Daisies Go Bananas at Fire Engine Volunteer Department 39

  1. Safeer says:

    Ma Sha Allah
    You sisters are doing an excellent job with the young sisters in the Girl Scout Troop.
    These are wonderful experiences for our young sisters to gain friendships, confidence, and knowledge while having halal fun and adventure. The bonding of sisters, young and old, from different backgrounds, can only enrich their appreciation for each other as they grow older. This is a blessing of our PGMA community. May Allah swt continue to bestow his choicest blessings on the troop and us all.
    Keep up the great work.
    And just a reminder that the Muslim Soccer league program is resuming shortly, and we need the young sisters to participate also to get their physical exercise.
    Jazak Allahu Khayran for the good work.

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