Reminder: Troop Meeting Tomorrow, Feb 10


As salaamu alaikum,

The next regularly scheduled troop meeting will be this Friday, February 10, 2017, 6:15 – 7:45PM, inshaAllah. Please be timely. Arrivals after 6:45PM are disruptive to troop meetings and strongly discouraged.


  • Brownies will be beginning their WOW Take Action Project by making fleece blanket throws to assist the Native American Indian’s at Standing Rock North/South Dakota.
  • Brownies will also be making swaps and discussing their World Thinking Day project on the United Arab Emirates.
  • Turn in permission forms for the Inventor and Home Scientist badge workshops at the Chesapeake Children’s Museum, Mar 18


  • Juniors will work on their Get Moving! Take Action project. Sis. Amina, facility manager at PGMA, will talk with the girls about setting up a recycling program at the masjid inshaAllah.


  • Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors will get ready for the SU 22-6 World Thinking Day celebration with a prep meeting at PGMA THIS SATURDAY, February 11, 1 – 4PM. Daisies are not presenting a country and will only attend the celebration to learn about other countries. Again, Daisies do not need to attend the prep meeting. Following are the countries each level will be presenting:
    • United Arab Emirates (Brownies)
    • Uganda (Juniors)
    • England (Cadettes)
    • Madagascar (Seniors & Ambassadors)
  • Turn in permission forms for Girl Scout Day at the Newseum, Mar 4


  • Pay your Girl Scout’s troop dues: $45 for Daisies, $60 for all other levels. If needed, dues can be paid in installments. Dues pay for badges and pins, help supplement some activities/trips, and also help support the troop web site, and other troop expenses. (Parents pay for fun patches.) For financial assistance contact your Girl Scout’s troop leader.
  • campgirlscoutspatchGirl Scouts can spend a few days or a week this summer at Girl Scout sleep-away camp! Registered Girl Scouts have access to four fantastic sleep-away camps: Camp Coles Trip, Camp May Flather, Camp Potomac Woods and Camp Winona. Each camp is unique and offers a variety of activities like swimming, kayaking, making crafts, hiking, cooking over an open fire, and best of all, finding your best friend. At Girl Scout camp, all girls are treated with respect and encouraged to be their awesome selves! Registration is now open.
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