Reminder: Troop Meeting Tomorrow, Friday, Oct 12


As salaamu alaikum,

The next regularly scheduled troop meeting will be tomorrow, Friday, Oct 12, 2018, 6 – 8PM, inshaAllah. Please be timely. Arrivals after 6:15PM are disruptive to troop meetings and strongly discouraged.


  • The Brownies will be expressing themselves with multi-media artwork. They will do self portraits on canvas led by our own parent Girl Scout volunteer, Sis. Whittni.
  • The Glamping Day Camp is this Saturday at Camp Brighton Woods.
  • Please turn in all health forms and dues at this troop meeting if you have not already done so.


  • Juniors will being working on their Musician badge. The girls will:
    1. Explore how music is made
    2. Travel around the world of music
    3. Check out the music in their lives
    4. Make their own music
    5. Perform their music

    When girls have earned this badge, they will know how music is made and how to perform music themselves.

  • Parents: Please turn in health forms and dues.


  • Cadettes will be continue work on the next steps for their Public Speaking badge. We will have a guest speaker: Fatia Kasumu, MBA candidate at University of Maryland.


  • Please remember to turn in health forms. See me to sign all forms. Dues can be paid directly to Sis. Asma.
  • Please try to arrive on time as late arrivals are disruptive.
  • Reminder to those participating in fall product sales: you can earn up to 10 percent of sales which can go towards off-setting activity costs.
  • A special thank you to those amazing Girl Scouts who volunteered last Saturday at Day of dignity.
  • Parents: If you would like to be added to the parent hangout, please be sure to provide me with a working gmail address.


  • Parents should see the Snack Mom during the troop meeting to sign up to bring snacks for upcoming troop meetings inshaAllah.
  • Important: Please turn in health forms and troop dues for your Girl Scout.
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