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Saturday Blitz, Dec 5

Asalaamu Alaikum

At times the hour and a half troop meetings every other week are just not enough to achieve the girls’ goals. Occasionally it is productive to meet outside of troop meetings for an extended period of time in order to accomplish a project, so some troops will be meeting on Saturday, December 5, 2015, 2 – 6PM inshaAllah.

An early dinner will be served. (Please make sure dues have been paid because this is where the money comes from.) Girls should bring their mess kits (i.e., a container and a cup).


For the World of Girls action project, the Brownies will be making sock puppets to donate to doctor’s offices waiting rooms for young patients to enjoy.  All Brownies are welcome to attend, however, girls who attended the Chesapeake Museum World of Girls Journey workshop will need to come in order to complete their take action project, the final requirement of their journey.  We will have some crafts to decorate, but we need donations such as, glue guns, yarn, felt, cotton, google eyes or anything they can use. Let us know what you can bring.  Also, please let your Brownie practice sewing on buttons with a needle and thread or sewing straight lines.

Watch this video or read this how-to with your Brownie to get her creative juices bubbling.

Registered parent volunteers are needed.  Please let us know if you can attend: hudahashim [at] yahoo [dot] com

Supplies to bring to make three puppets:

  1. Two pairs of new long socks (small to medium size)
  2. any craft items that your daughter would like to decorate her puppet with


Cadettes will be working on their aMaze Journey. Participating girls will need to bring their journey books, scissors, old magazines and paper to write with.

Girls who attended the Program Aide training can work on LiA award proposals. They will choose a Brownie Journey and develop a program for three meetings.

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Troop 3480 Journey Kudos

Asalaamu Alaikum,

Girls have been working hard on their journeys this year. This is the first year where multiple levels have worked on journeys. To complete a journey girls had to participate in troop meetings and sometimes do work outside of troop meetings. The final part of the journey, the Take Action Project, takes planning and must be completed to receive the journey award.

Mabrook to the following Girl Scouts and the troop leaders who helped them meet their goals!

14 Brownies completed the WOW Wonders of Water Journey

Junior Get Moving! Journey recipients:

  • Amina A.
  • Ammarah B.
  • Jana A.
  • Layla A.
  • Najah H.
  • Rahmah M.
  • Rayhanah W.
  • Sanaa L.
  • Yakeen A.
  • Zainab A.

aMaze Cadette Journey recipients:

  • Nabilah A.
  • Asiya K.1
  • Reem S.1
  • Zakiyah A.2
  • Laila A.
  • Kalilah K.

1Completed two Cadette Journeys, on her way to the Cadette Journey Summit Award

2Earned the Cadette Journey Summit Award

Senior GirlTopia Journey Visionary Award recipients

  • Buthaina M.
  • Fatinah S.
  • Jasirah A.
  • Khadija A.
  • Semira S.

Ambassador Bliss Journey Dream Maker Award recipients:

  • Amirah H.
  • Aaquillah W.
  • Maryam I.
  • Neya A.
  • Saja K.
  • Sumaiyah L.




May Allah reward them for their efforts. Ameen!

Note: The Journey Summit Award pins are earned by girls who have completed all three national leadership Journeys at their grade level. The colored border around each pin corresponds to their grade level. This award is the highest award a Girl Scout Daisy and Brownie can earn.


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Cadette Corner: Busy Bees

Asalaamu Alaikum

The Cadette Troop has been very busy this year, Alhumdulillah, from completing multiple badges (Cadette programing) to camping (Girl Scout traditions) to team building and just fun. Here are some highlights:

Science of Happiness. Sis Nazaahah Amin-Saahir gave a great yoga class at our lodge camping weekend in January. Sis Nazaahah, owner and operator of Ama Designs, helped our girls use yoga as a way to promote happiness and stay positive through life’s highways and byways.


aMaze Take Action Projects. We have 15 girl that are currently working on their aMaze Journey Take Action projects. A Take Action project — the final step in all Girls Scout journeys — is the sustainable project that a girl or group of girls can do that deals with the subject matter of the Journey. The aMaze journey teaches girls about relationships and how to navigate them.

Breathe Journey. Eleven girls attended the GSCNC Cadette Breathe Journey weekend in March with 150 other girls at Potomac Woods to fulfill requirements of the Breathe Journey. These girls are now eligible to complete the Breathe Journey with a Take Action project focusing on air and the environment.


Media Journey. In April, some Cadettes will be participating in the Media Journey at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum where they will complete the journey that night. For those girls who cannot attend, Sis. Hakeemah Cummings will discuss Muslim Women in media and blogging with the girls.


We are not done yet!

Sis. Kesha

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