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Cadette Corner: Badge Update & Breathe Journey Take Action Project

Asalaamu Alaikum

The Cadette troop has been busy this year. Here is the Cadette badge update:

Badge Location Status
Night Owl Troop meeting Completed
Financial Literacy badge Children’s Museum Completed when turned in work
Public Speaking Troop meeting In progress
Entrepreneur Speaker Troop meeting In progress
Girl Scout Way March Magic Completed
Babysitting Speaker / Certification Class / Babysitting Schedule Some Completed / Some Not Attempted
aMaze Journey Journey Day at Masjid None completed
My Faith, My Promise Pin May 14 Interfaith Outreach Event In progress (group work only)

The girls who put in work really did a great job. Kudos to those girls who bravely stepped outside of their comfort zone to work with others, meet their deadlines, and produce good work!

With that in mind, I need four Cadettes to bring in one thank you card each for this year’s guest speakers who help the girls to achieve their goals.


Girls who went to the Breathe Journey weekend last year will work on completing the Take Action project. There are girls who want to finish this Journey, so we are going to throw around ideas, keep it simple, but make it sustainable.

The following Cadettes are working on the Breathe Journey Take Action Project:

Amirah A. Amirah M. Yoursa A.
Safiyah A. Irkam A. Nabila A.
Kadijahtu B. Ruwaida S. Nasrin A.
Aneesah B. Yusra B. Kadijahtu B.

As a part of the Take Action Project, Cadettes will need to attend the Earth Day Celebration at the Diyanet Center of America to gather ideas and information. This event is free. Side note: Sis Kori, Junior troop leader and founder of Green Ramadan will be part of the Green Muslim panel discussion.


See you there!

Sis Kesha

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Cadette Corner: Rules of Engagement & Badge Selection


Asalaamu Alaikum,

The Cadettes who attended the last troop meeting came up with their own rules of engagement for all Cadette activities, including troop meetings, group assignments, trips and out-of-council events:

  • Follow Directions
  • Respect Each Other
  • Always Try Your Best
  • Don’t Touch Other’s Belongings
  • No Talking Out of Turn
  • Never Say Never
  • No violent actions– physically, verbally, or online.
  • Trust Yourself and Others
  • Never say “I can’t,” instead say “I can do better”
  • Take Responsibility for your own actions
  • Be responsive to emails
  • Always share ideas
  • Never leave anyone behind
  • Always Participate
  • Play Fair

In preparation for this Friday’s troop meeting (4 Dec): Pick two badges you are interested in and work on a plan to achieve them. All badges have Discover, Connect, and Take Action components. Your plan can include speakers, outings, outside shows or museums. Your Girl Guide has information about badges or check out the online Girl Scout Badge Explorer. Contact Sis. Kesha with questions.


Sis Kesha

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The Cadette Corner: Made Up Minds


Asalaamu Alaikum

The Cadettes are making lots of constructive decisions. Thank to Asiya K. for being an efficient scribe for the month of October. Please type up all your notes and forward them to me.


  • At the archery event they decided to start the aMaze journey as a group. Please pick up the book or find a way to share with a close friend. Girls will be presenting concepts and key points of the book.
  • There are limited numbers to the Cadette MEdia Journey overnight. The girls who do not have an opportunity to attend can still do the Media Journey. I will work with them on two Saturdays in March and April so that they can be finished in time to do the take action with the other girls. This is something they have to decide and inform me.
  • The girls can earn the Journey Summit award if they finish all three journeys this year. Again this is up to them. I am here to assist in making it happen inshaAllah.
  • In the meeting the girls also learned about a couple of Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital (GSCNC) patch programs. They chose the following, in this order:
    1. Discover the Nations Capital and its corresponding segments — Gardening, Statuary, and Transportation — encourages girls to explore points of interest throughout Washington, D.C. We will head out in the Spring inshaAllah.
    2. Grow Strong provides resources and activities that instill in girls the habits that will influence their emotional and physical health for the rest of their lives.
    3. With the help of partners like the Intellectual Property Owners Educational Foundation and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the council has created fun, accessible and interesting supplemental activities for girls and leaders about Intellectual Property.


There is still time to register for the Cookie Program Aide. Registration is through the GSCNC website. Contact Sis. Kesha if you need help registering your daughter. We have three girls from our troop attending.


  • We will not tackle all patches as a group. If there are patches girls want to do they should reach out to their fellow Cadettes and work together. If they work alone we would like them to present their findings at a troop meeting to show the group how they earned it. Coordinate with me for the time.
  • Meetings start at 6pm. Cadettes who arrive after 6:15pm will not be allowed to participate. They will have to contact their sister Girl scouts for the missed information.
  • Uniforms are essential. Cadettes have opportunities in the Council for leadership and they need to be in uniform. Incentives are in the future.
  • Be prepared. This includes reading the blog, bringing paper and pen, bringing your tablet/phone for research,  organizing the information given. Leadership starts with the ability to lead one’s self.

Let’s have a great year!

Sister Kesha

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