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Cadette Corner: Rules of Engagement & Badge Selection


Asalaamu Alaikum,

The Cadettes who attended the last troop meeting came up with their own rules of engagement for all Cadette activities, including troop meetings, group assignments, trips and out-of-council events:

  • Follow Directions
  • Respect Each Other
  • Always Try Your Best
  • Don’t Touch Other’s Belongings
  • No Talking Out of Turn
  • Never Say Never
  • No violent actions– physically, verbally, or online.
  • Trust Yourself and Others
  • Never say “I can’t,” instead say “I can do better”
  • Take Responsibility for your own actions
  • Be responsive to emails
  • Always share ideas
  • Never leave anyone behind
  • Always Participate
  • Play Fair

In preparation for this Friday’s troop meeting (4 Dec): Pick two badges you are interested in and work on a plan to achieve them. All badges have Discover, Connect, and Take Action components. Your plan can include speakers, outings, outside shows or museums. Your Girl Guide has information about badges or check out the online Girl Scout Badge Explorer. Contact Sis. Kesha with questions.


Sis Kesha

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Cadette Corner: Teen Awards, Proposals, Rules of Engagement & Reminders


Asalaamu alaikum Ladies,

Welcome new and old girls to the Cadette troop. This year your troop leaders will be providing you with the tools you will need to create successful programming through your Take Action project, LiA award, and/or Silver Award. See the descriptions of the Teen Leadership Awards.

Thank you to all those who did the assignment that was due 10/12/2016 at 12AM. You all will receive something for following through on those directions. I have a special prize for the girls who sent the first email. If you missed the deadline or the assignment completely please do email me the requested information.

Here’s what to look forward to at our next troop meeting inshaAllah:

  • Sis. Kieta will do a presentation on how to create an effective proposal, so come prepared to take notes and ask questions. Bring your sit-upons, too. If you don’t have one, bring a reusable bag that’s big enough to sit on and you can create one in the meeting.
  • Be ready to contribute to the Cadette Rules of Engagement. These are the rules with which you all will govern yourself as Cadettes.
  • Reminders:
    • The last day to pay for the Winter Challenge Core Camp in February is the next troop meeting, Oct. 23. This trip includes bridging Cadettes. Possibly canceled check Friday for update.
    • Cadettes can register for the Program Aide workshop on Nov. 7. Please search your Cadette Guides for info about this pin and how to achieve it.

Thank you,

Cadette Troop Advisors

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