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Important Parent Meetings & Troop Meeting Reminder

mtc_treshortAsalaamu Alaikum Parents


Girl Scout Cookie Season will begin December 20, 2013 and lasts until March 30, 2014. Selling Girl Scout Cookies is our troop’s BIGGEST fundraiser. As our troop has grown, we pray that every girl participates in selling cookies, individually and/or at cookie booths. Our girls have told us that they want an end-of-year trip. Selling Girl Scout Cookies can fund this exciting trip.

What can selling Girl Scout Cookies teach your daughter?

  1. Cookie Sales teach girls to set goals and achieve them. They set cookie-selling goals and work to achieve those numbers.
  2. Cookie Sales teach girls about how much things cost. They get a real-world grasp of the value of money and finance in terms they can understand.
  3. Cookie Sales helps girls to take ownership of their troop and its goals.

Come discuss Troop 3480’s goals with Cookie Mom, Sis. Zakiyah, in the lounge at every troop meeting during the month of December at 6:30PM. Parents must attend a cookie meeting in order for their girls to participate in Girl Scout Cookie sales, both individually or at cookie booths. Only girls who sell Girl Scout Cookies will be able to attend the cookie sales parties which will reward the girls who have worked hard to meet their cookie sales goals.

If this is your Girl Scout’s first time selling cookies make sure that she attends Cookie College on Dec. 14. Cookie College will allow girls to test the cookies, find out which kinds they like, and give them tips on selling. Girls who have sold cookies before can attend the Cookie Rally on Dec. 7, where they can earn financial literacy badges.

Let’s get ready to raise money for our troop and reward our girls for achieving big goals.


Parents of Daisies and Brownies should meet with troop leaders and troop management at 6:15PM in the Brownie’s room. This short, but important meeting is intended to help troop leaders better work with the girls in these troops.

troopMeetingFridayTROOP MEETINGS

The last troop meetings of 2013 are Dec. 6 and Dec. 20, 6 – 7:30PM.

All parents and children who remain at the Masjid during troop meetings should wait in either the musullah or lounge area so as to not disturb the girls and troop leaders during meetings, and keep hallways clear, quiet and safe.


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22 Nov. Meeting Reminder, Bring Your Dues & Permission Slips/Payments, Plus New Cookie Rally & Archery Events

Troop 3480 will meet today, November 22, 6 – 7:30PM, inshaAllah. Please be timely.

We are still accepting dues payments: $45 per girl.

We’ll be accepting permission slips and payments for the following events:

  • Pottery Workshop at Color Me Mine on Dec 7, $11
    Levels: S/A

  • Cookie Rally on Dec 7, $5 (see below)
    Levels: D/B/J/C

  • Cookie College on Dec 14, $5
    Levels: D/B/J


CookieRallyCookie Rally
Attend this great program designed to help girls learn and get excited about the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program and financial literacy. Participants will “make and take” items to help support their individual and troop sale while earning the Daisy Talk It Up Leaf, the Brownie Meet My Customer Badge, the Junior Cookie CEO Badge, or the Cadette Business Plan Badge. Only 100 tickets are available. Download the Cookie Rally permission slip and bring it today’s meeting. Note: This event is for girls who have already had experience selling Girl Scout Cookies. Newbies should attend the Cookie College.

Ambassadors and Seniors can volunteer at the Cookie Rally. Download the permission form and bring it to the next troop meeting. Girls should arrive in uniform at 9AM and plan on staying to clean up at 12 noon. Also, if you would like to get community service hours bring the form to be signed. Girls will be assigned to work at one of the following stations: Cookie Knowledge, registration table, Goal Setting, Marketing 1, or Marketing 2.

What: Cookie Rally
Who: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors & Cadettes
When: Saturday, December 7, 10AM – 12:00 Noon
Where: St. George’s Episcopal Church
7010 Glenn Dale Road, Glenn Dale, MD
Cost: $5 (includes patch)
No sibling tag-a-longs please.

archeryTargetWithArrowsArchery Badge Opportunity:
Juniors can earn an archery badge by taking an archery test at Adelphi Manor Archery Range. Girls should dress warmly, wear vest and boots/tennis shoes, and bring a bag lunch. Juniors who attended last year’s workshop will also have the opportunity to earn the badge. If time allows, girls who were not able to earn the archery patch last weekend may get another chance, inshaAllah. For additional information, please contact Sis. Yasmeen.

What: Archery Badge Test
Who: Juniors
When: Saturday, November 30, 1:30 – 3:30PM
Where: Adelphi Manor Archery Range
2928 University Blvd East, Adelphi, MD
Cost: Free

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