Initial Cookie Orders Due by Midnight Tonight, Jan 14


All initial cookie order counts are due by midnight TONIGHT, January 14, via email only to sis Hanifa at:

Initial cookie orders should include the name of the Girl Scout, her level, and the total number of boxes per cookie type. Do not include customer information. Orders that are not emailed will not be submitted with the initial troop cookie order. Emails should follow this format:

Khadija Muhammad

Savannah Smiles: 5 boxes
Trefoils: 10 boxes
Do-Si-Dos: 3 boxes
Samoas 4 boxes
Ra-Ra-Raisin: 1 box
Tagalongs: 7 boxes
Thin Mints: 5 boxes

If you have more than one Girl Scout selling cookies, list each girl’s cookie orders separately. Cookie goals are per Girl Scout, not per family.

Without a signed Cookie Permission & Responsibility form on file for your Girl Scout, she cannot sell cookies and initial cookie orders cannot be submitted.

The troop needs parent volunteers to assist with cookie pick-up Thursday, February 18, 9 – 11AM, and also delivery to the Cookie Mom’s house on Saturday, February 20, inshaAllah. Contact Sis Hanifa at troop3480cookies [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Please share this information with parents who do not follow the blog.

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