Reminder: Troop Meeting Tomorrow, Friday, Nov 9


As salaamu alaikum,

The next regularly scheduled troop meeting will be tomorrow, Friday, Nov 9, 2018, 6 – 8PM, inshaAllah. Please be timely. Arrivals after 6:15PM are disruptive to troop meetings and strongly discouraged.

Take a moment to note the troop meeting dates for the rest of 2018:

  • Nov 30*
  • Dec 7
  • Dec 21

*This troop meeting date is off the regular bi-weekly schedule due to the Thanksgiving school holiday.


  • Brownies will be working on the new STEM Mechanical Engineering Design Challenge badges with one of our parents who is an engineer. Engineers use their imaginations to solve problems. Girls will be working like an engineer, building a Leap Bot and Fling Flyer,learning about forces that affect flight and energy affecting springs. We will begin on time.


  • Juniors will take a quick break from working on their Musician badge, and begin their Simple Meals badge. This badge is about making amazing meals and learn to create a whole meal of their own. The girls will:
    1. Step up their skills with a pro
    2. Whip up a great breakfast
    3. Fix a healthy lunch or dinner
    4. Create a delicious dessert
    5. Make their own meal

    When the Juniors have earned this badge, they will know how to serve up a meal for their family and friends.

  • Juniors will complete all three parts of their Agent of Change journey at the Chesapeake Children’s Museum, and leave with an action plan for a Take Action Project in our community. The journey takes place on Sunday, December 16, 9AM – 5PM inshaAllah. Turn in permission form and $20 payment by December 7.
  • Parents: Please turn in health forms and troop dues.


  • Cadettes will be completing their Public Speaking badge and moving to the next badge, Finding Common Ground, which builds on some of the steps of the Public Speaking badge.
  • Cadettes will be working on the Woodworker badge at the first meeting of the new year. Tonya Williams from Bridging Leaders will come to our meeting with all of the equipment and materials needed to complete the badge. Please bring $15 cash or check by December 7, in order to participate.


  • Parents should see the Snack Mom during the troop meeting to sign up to bring snacks for upcoming troop meetings inshaAllah.
  • Important: Please turn in health forms and troop dues for your Girl Scout.
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