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Cadette Corner: Badge Work Updates

Asalaamu Aliakum

Great work at the last meeting ladies. I was overjoyed by the participation.

If you missed the star gazing or want more (since the weather was overcast) please check out the Rock Creek Park planetarium during the break.

Refer back to the original Night Owl blog post so that you are working on what is due at the next troop meeting.

Girls working on the aMaze journey should look at the Amaze Journey & Silver Award blog post to find out what is also due at the next troop meeting.

Please add to the badge tracker Excel spreadsheet by January 15, so that we can finish mapping out the rest of the scouting year.

Again good work ladies. Let’s keep it up!

Sis Kesha

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Cadette Corner: Night Owl

cadette_night-owl_largeNight has captured the imagination since the dawn of time. But with modern-day electricity, it’s easy to overlook the mysteries and beauty of the world after the sun goes down. So grow your imagination and expand what you know (or think you know!). Turn out the lights, tune in your senses, and step out in to the night.

Prior to the December 18 troop meeting:

  1. Visit your local library and find books about the night sky. What constellations appear in the northern hemisphere in the winter? What stars to you expect to see on your visit out to see the starts?
  2. Learn out about Winter Solstice. When is it? What makes that day different from any other day of the year?
  3. Research one nocturnal flower and bring what you have discovered to share it with the troop.

At the troop meeting on December 18:

  1. This will be a no uniform/ wear vests only troop meeting. Come dressed to star gaze outside (coats, hats, gloves)
  2. Bring a sleeping bag & tarp to lay on, graph paper and pencil to chart the stars you will see, and a flash light.

After the troop meeting:

  1. Make your stars in to art! Make a painting, watercolor drawing, chalk drawing, or charcoal drawing of what you charted and share it at the first meeting of 2016!
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