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Juniors Begin Get Moving! Journey

As salaamu alaikum Parents,

Troop 3480 Juniors have decided embark on the Get Moving! Journey. This journey is all about energy. As the girls explore their own energy as leaders and the energy of our Earth, they’ll give special focus to the energy of places and spaces and the energy of getting from here to there. Along the way, they will have the chance to earn three prestigious leadership awards: Energize, Investigate, and Innovate.


As a team, the Juniors will plan a project that gets others moving in ways that are good for Earth. This Innovate project has the potential to have a lasting effect on the community.

Your guidance and expertise can help make the girls’ experience along GET MOVING! even more valuable and memorable. Please take a moment to review the checklist below to let us know which areas you might have expertise in, or time to volunteer for, so that your Junior and her sister Girl Scouts will have the richest experience possible. The please help your Junior and her team by identifying areas in which you feel you could contribute time or talent — for the benefit of all Juniors.

juniorGetMovingJourneyBookYes, I want to assist the Juniors as they GET MOVING! I am ready to volunteer by offering:

  • ideas about improving the way people get from here to there (transportation)
  • knowledge of energy use in buildings
  • assistance with science experiments
  • several small houseplants for use in the girls’ plant energy experiment
  • art, building, or craft skills
  • practical experience with the outdoors
  • time as a driver (if needed for outings)
  • time as an all-around Junior leadership journey helper
  • to bring energizing snacks
  • information about community energy issues and energy experts that might interest the Juniors as they Investigate and Innovate

Note: Juniors should bring $7 to purchase their GET MOVING! journey book to the troop meeting on 5 December.

We and the girls look forward to hearing from you — and seeing you at sessions throughout the journey.

Sis. Kori GirlScoutTroopMama [at] gmail [dot] com
Sis. Sadia
Sis. Maryam

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Early Bird Registration for 2014-2015 Girl Scout Year Begins April 1

earlyBird20142015gscncAsalaamu Aliakum

Early Bird Registration for the 2014-2015 Girl Scout year is April 1 – June 1, 2014. Every girl who re-registers during the early bird period will receive a newly designed patch (above) for the 2014-2015 Girl Scout year. Girl Scouts currently registered with Troop 3480 should re-register by June 1, 2014 or risk losing their spot in the fall. Only parents or legal guardians are allowed to register their girls.


Troop 3480 needs Daisy and Junior troop leaders, without which we will not be able to have the Daisy or Junior troop level in 2014-2015. We are seeking sisters who will get Girl Scout training for either the Daisy (Grades K-1) or Junior (Grades 4-5) levels, help girls have new experiences and earn awards, and attend Troop Leader meetings. See the following descriptions:

  • Troop Leader/Advisor – schedules regular troop meetings; helps the girls to plan and participate in activities and trips; meets all program and safety guidelines; and serves as the communication link for the troop with parents, the service unit, and council.
  • Assistant Leader/Advisor – attends regular troop meetings; helps the girls and the leader/advisor plan and participate in activities and trips; supports meeting all program and safety guidelines.

We also need the following volunteers:

  • Troop Cookie Booth Coordinator – schedules with service unit a troop’s participation in selling cookies in front of local stores; recruits girls and adults to work booths; coordinates set-up & take-down of booth; should be familiar with the area surrounding PGMA; February – March commitment.
  • Troop Cookie Manager – coordinates the sale of Girl Scout cookies by troop including selling, ordering, storage, delivery and payment; money-earning event for the troop; December – May commitment.
  • Craft Leader – float betweens troop levels to assist with crafts and crafty things.
  • Troop Trip Coordinator – coordinates trips for the entire troop or specific troop levels; includes searching for trip opportunies on the internet and through GS newsletters, blogs and social media; coordinates trips with troop leaders; prepares permission slips and writes blog posts for the troop blog with help from our troop blog manager.

All volunteers must be registered with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital (GSCNC) training site. Sisters or brothers who can make the time and share their talents in order to fill these positions should contact Sis. Alia at alia [dot] kemet [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you,


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Parent Announcement: Troop 3480 Membership & Management Matters

gs missionAsalaamu Alaikum

Troop Management and Leaders want to again welcome all 101 girls to Troop 3480! Yes, that’s right: 101 girls from Daisies to Ambassadors. We have them all, mashaAllah! We also welcome back last year’s parents as well as new parents.

Since so many missed the parent meeting in September, we want to inform or remind the parents of several things:

  1. At Capacity. Due to troop leader/girl ratio requirements, we are not able to accept any more girls in our troop this year. Please do not refer anyone to the Troop Managers.
  2. Dues. Dues are required of all girls. What do they cover? Dues pay for pins, badges, patches and activities. Parents with multiple girls can pay in installments: some now and some in January.
  3. Registered Volunteers Only. Parents are not allowed in meetings. If you would like to participate in troop meetings, you must register as a volunteer through GSCNC and pay for an annual Girl Scout membership. Troop managers will be happy to assist you with that process.
  4. Uniforms. All girls should be in uniform for meetings and trips, unless otherwise advised. A lot of organizations require girls to be in uniform in order for the program to be free or discounted. The Girl Scout uniform also identifies us as a group. See the uniform page for more information.
  5. Troop Meetings. Meeting attendance and participation in trips will help your daughter have a fun and successful year. She can’t expect to receive patches, badges and awards without participating.
  6. Be On Time. Speaking of meetings, being on time is key for meetings, workshops and field trips. Girl Scout programs are geared toward helping the girls to be independent and accountable. Being on time is an important part of accountability. Meetings start at 6PM and end at 7:30PM, every other Friday.
  7. Trips. There will be no refund on pre-paid trips.
  8. Learn About Girl Scouts. Take the extra step and learn about Girl Scouting in America. Visit the Girl Scouts of America website. Read their reports on girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Learn about the founder, Juliette Gordon Low, check out books which highlight the experiences of girls in Girl Scouts.

Jazakullah Khairun

Troop Management

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