Juniors Begin Get Moving! Journey

As salaamu alaikum Parents,

Troop 3480 Juniors have decided embark on the Get Moving! Journey. This journey is all about energy. As the girls explore their own energy as leaders and the energy of our Earth, they’ll give special focus to the energy of places and spaces and the energy of getting from here to there. Along the way, they will have the chance to earn three prestigious leadership awards: Energize, Investigate, and Innovate.


As a team, the Juniors will plan a project that gets others moving in ways that are good for Earth. This Innovate project has the potential to have a lasting effect on the community.

Your guidance and expertise can help make the girls’ experience along GET MOVING! even more valuable and memorable. Please take a moment to review the checklist below to let us know which areas you might have expertise in, or time to volunteer for, so that your Junior and her sister Girl Scouts will have the richest experience possible. The please help your Junior and her team by identifying areas in which you feel you could contribute time or talent — for the benefit of all Juniors.

juniorGetMovingJourneyBookYes, I want to assist the Juniors as they GET MOVING! I am ready to volunteer by offering:

  • ideas about improving the way people get from here to there (transportation)
  • knowledge of energy use in buildings
  • assistance with science experiments
  • several small houseplants for use in the girls’ plant energy experiment
  • art, building, or craft skills
  • practical experience with the outdoors
  • time as a driver (if needed for outings)
  • time as an all-around Junior leadership journey helper
  • to bring energizing snacks
  • information about community energy issues and energy experts that might interest the Juniors as they Investigate and Innovate

Note: Juniors should bring $7 to purchase their GET MOVING! journey book to the troop meeting on 5 December.

We and the girls look forward to hearing from you — and seeing you at sessions throughout the journey.

Sis. Kori GirlScoutTroopMama [at] gmail [dot] com
Sis. Sadia
Sis. Maryam

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2 thoughts on “Juniors Begin Get Moving! Journey

  1. Huda Hashim says:

    ASSalaamu Alaikum. I can assist with outings and driving inshallah . Also, I have registered our troop with Behnke plant nursery at 11300 Baltimore ave, Beltsville Md. Will give our troop 20% off on purchases. Good journey. Sis Huda.

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