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Back to Business: Troop Meeting This Friday, Feb. 28

troopMeetingFridayThe ice and snow has cleared and Troop 3480 is back to business, inshaAllah.

Attendance is key to your daughter’s Girl Scout experience. Here is what each troop will be up to at the next meeting:

  • Daisies will be working on the orange Mari Petal (Responsible for What I Say and Do) and baby blue Lupe Petal (Honest and Fair). Girls will bring home paperwork to complete to get the patch at the March 14 troop meeting. We want to finish up the petals so they can work on the Daisy Journey in the spring, inshaAllah.
  • Brownies are completing their Snacks badge. Review the Snacks badge blog post to review what to bring. Contact Sis. Naima with questions.
  • Juniors have a guest scheduled for their First Aid Badge.
  • Cadettes have a leadership workshop scheduled.
  • Seniors and Ambassadors have kickboxing scheduled. Girls should wear comfortable, athletic clothing and shoes. Parents must complete the high adventure permission slip and have a health form on file before the girls can participate.

Parents: Don’t forget to attend a Camping Meeting, a requirement in order for girls to participate in the service unit encampment this April. We will discuss logistics, cost, and equipment.

Lastly, Sis. Alia will be selling tickets to Prince George’s Muslim Association’s Fundraising Dinner, A Good Tree – 20 Years of Service! The dinner will be at 5:30PM on Sunday, March 23 2014 at Martin’s Crosswinds in Greenbelt, MD, with speakers Imam Ahmad Azzaari, Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Dr. Altaf Hussain. Tickets are $30 before March 9. For more information call 301 459 4942, email frc [ar] pgmamd [dot] org or click here to buy tickets online. Let’s show our support to community that generously hosts Girl Scout Troop 3480.

See you soon,



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Back to Troop 2013-2014: Friday, September 27, 6pm at PGMA

Everyone has been asking, and now you know that our first meeting of the 2013-2014 scouting year will be September 27, 6pm at PGMA.

Meetings are held every other Friday from 6 – 7:30pm at PGMA. Please make arrangements for drop off and pick ups in advance. Please do NOT pick up the girls early. Latecomers will not be let in after 6:20pm.  Parents who consistently pick up their girl(s) late will be contacted by Troop Managers for the inconvenience. While your daughter will not get the most benefit, it is okay to miss a meeting now and then.

PGMA Girl Scouts follow PG County Schools’ inclement weather schedule. If school is out that day, there will be no meeting. Always double check the website for power outages and other happenings.

Due to meetings occurring during the regular dinner time all parents are encouraged to provide snacks for the meeting. Please see our designated Snack Mom, Sis Rolanda, to get on the schedule. We will need 3 parents per meeting to provide a healthy snack and/or juice/water for 30 girls. NO soda, no junk food (including store bought cookies, chips, gum, or candy), NO pork products, and NO nuts as we have girls with nut allergies. Please read ingredient labels carefully for pork products and nuts.

We encourage all girls to wear their uniforms at every meeting. Uniforms will most often be required for weekend trips at the discretion of the Troop Leader.


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A Message from the Snack Mom and Meeting Reminder

dried-fruits-heartAs Saalamu Alaikum,

If you have NOT signed up to provide snacks for Girl Scout meetings, please do. At the initial meeting, parents were informed that they would need to contribute snacks for the girls at each meeting. See the Snack Mom, Sis. Rolanda, to sign up for snack duty at this Friday’s meeting on 8 February 2013, 6 – 7:30PM.

We have 57 registered girls. Two parents bring enough snacks for 30 girls each to every meeting. (It’s better to have too much rather than too little.) We are asking for healthy snacks and drinks like fruit, fruit snacks (check labels for non-gelatin products), pretzels, Kashi bars (no peanuts), water, Capri Suns, or other non-soda drinks.

Thank you for helping to provide healthy snacks for our Girl Scouts,