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Troop Meeting This Friday, Dec 18


As salaamu alaikum,

The next regularly scheduled troop meeting this Friday, Dec 18, 6 – 7:30PM, inshaAllah. Please be timely. There is a 15-minute grace period. Arrivals after 6:30PM are disruptive to troop meetings and strongly discouraged.


Cookie Mom, Sis. Hanifa, will be having a Cookie Information session for all parents during this Friday’s troop meeting inshaAllah. Parents should come to complete the paperwork in order for their girl to sell cookies for the 2015-2016 Cookie Season.


InshaAllah, Daisies will have a rededication & investiture ceremony including treats and tea! Parents are invited to participate and join in the songs, crafts and fun.


  • Brownies should bring their Brownie Quest journey book and be prepared to discuss pages 54 & 55.
  • Parents: feel free to bring a potluck dish for the Investiture & Rededication ceremony.
  • Bring $7 to pay for the Making Games badge program at Montpelier Mansion, Dec 26


  • Juniors who attended the horseback riding clinic at Beech Grove Farm should bring in a thank you note for Mrs. Anita.
  • Juniors should bring in their fitness goal for the Practice with a Purpose badge.
  • Amina is going to share her fitness goal with the troop. Girls should bring a basketball or bouncy ball.
  • Agent of Change Journey-in-a-Day, THIS SUNDAY, Dec 20
  • Junior Spring Core Camp, Apr 30. These type of programs fill up quickly, so get forms & payment in ASAP.
  • Parents:
    • Please complete and have your Junior turn in the Meet My Daughter form to her troop leader so they can get to know your daughter better.
    • The Junior troop needs a Troop Mom to provide occasional assistance at troop meetings and help communicate with other parents. Contact Sis. Kori at girlScoutTroopMama [at] gmail [dot] com.




  • Pay your Girl Scout’s troop dues: $45 for Daisies, $60 for all other levels. If needed, dues can be paid in installments. Dues pay for badges and pins, help supplement some activities/trips, and also help support the troop web site, and printing expenses. (Parents pay for fun patches.) In order to camp, dues must be paid in full. For financial assistance contact Sis. Kesha.
  • Please bring a dish to share for your Girl Scout’s investiture & rededication ceremony. Each level will have their own ceremony.
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Cadette Corner: Badge Selection, aMaze Journey & Silver Award Follow-up

Asalaamu Alaikum Ladies,

Great start identifying the badges that you are interested in. As we discussed in the last troop meeting, the excel document for badges has been shared with the group. Please update it with your speaker information (teachers / former teachers / people you know / parents / etc.).

We will revisit the badge assignment at the first troop meeting in January 2016 inshaAllah. That means there is still time for all girls to work on providing information for badges they are interested in.

aMaze Journey participants:

  1. Read pages 1-30; pick out the 3 interactions for the Interact portion of the badge
  2. Read about the Peacemaker portion of your badge. You will turn in your peacemaker box / vision board on the January 8, 2016 inshaAllah.

Silver Award participants:

  1. Good Start! Share your documents and make sure everyone in the group follows through. Remember that you have an hour requirement of 50 hours for every group member for the Silver Award. Download the Silver Award Guidelines, the Silver Award Time Log and follow the steps.
  2. Set up your meetings after the group members have done what they were assigned to do.
  3. Check back with me by January 8, 2016
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Cadette Corner: Night Owl

cadette_night-owl_largeNight has captured the imagination since the dawn of time. But with modern-day electricity, it’s easy to overlook the mysteries and beauty of the world after the sun goes down. So grow your imagination and expand what you know (or think you know!). Turn out the lights, tune in your senses, and step out in to the night.

Prior to the December 18 troop meeting:

  1. Visit your local library and find books about the night sky. What constellations appear in the northern hemisphere in the winter? What stars to you expect to see on your visit out to see the starts?
  2. Learn out about Winter Solstice. When is it? What makes that day different from any other day of the year?
  3. Research one nocturnal flower and bring what you have discovered to share it with the troop.

At the troop meeting on December 18:

  1. This will be a no uniform/ wear vests only troop meeting. Come dressed to star gaze outside (coats, hats, gloves)
  2. Bring a sleeping bag & tarp to lay on, graph paper and pencil to chart the stars you will see, and a flash light.

After the troop meeting:

  1. Make your stars in to art! Make a painting, watercolor drawing, chalk drawing, or charcoal drawing of what you charted and share it at the first meeting of 2016!
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